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Home preservation is a program of the steps taken periodically to monitor the condition of a
home to prevent things from going wrong.

Home Preservation is like preventive medicine. It's like going to the doctor for an annual
physical to find out what's in good condition, what needs some monitoring and what is
needed to keep in good shape. It's the same with a home.

The Pro-Spec Home Preservation Plan is a program a homeowner can join to have these
checkups done professionally. The Plan offers homeowners up to 5 home inspections at a
fixed price that will hold over a 5-year period.

The Plan is a program of ongoing thorough home inspections performed by a professional
home inspector:


Plan Membership Fee:

$75.00 non-refundable

Plan Duration:

5 years from date customer joins

Plan Scope:

Plan member can purchase up to 5
home inspections, but the member
has no obligation to buy ANY.

Plan Pricing:
(for Orange, Sullivan and Ulster Counties)

up to 1500sf     $300.00
1500sf to 2000sf     $325.00
2000sf to 2500sf     $350.00
2500sf to 3000sf     $375.00
3000sf to 3500sf     $400.00

Plan Pricing for Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland and Westchester Counties is also available.


Pro-Spec Home Preservation Plan - Everything you need to know
and do to keep your home sound and safeguard it for tomorrow.

Please contact our office to join: 845-978-8976.